• RPA100

    Supporting startups in the field of RPA/AI

    As a leading company in the RPA field, we do all that we can to support startups that make use of digital labor in order to create a new era of collaboration between humans and digital labor.

    At a time when it is said that RPA and AI will revolutionize industries with a market value of 700 trillion yen globally and 70 trillion yen in Japan, we are recruiting partners who want to introduce automation to fields where people are still doing routine work, improve productivity, and create new business value.




    RPA Holdings

    RPA Holdings is a group of robotic process automation (RPA) companies. RPA refers to not only efforts to increase the efficiency of white-collar operations by using cognitive technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence but also introducing digital labor (virtual white-collar workers). As a leading company in the field, we will continue to contribute to society by using digital labor to create new businesses.