RPA Technologies Holds BizRobo! LAND 2018, the Largest Event in Japan Put on by a Single RPA Manufacturer—More Than 3,000 Attend; Number of Corporate BizRobo! Users Grows 280% YoY to 440


RPA Technologies Inc. (hereinafter “RPA Technologies”), a subsidiary of RPA Holdings, Inc. that provides core technology for robotic process automation (RPA) and digital labor, held BizRobo! LAND 2018, the largest event in Japan put on by a single RPA manufacturer, for two days, September 12–13, 2018, at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo. More than 3,000 people attended the event.

At the event, RPA Technologies announced the future product development roadmap and medium-term business strategy for BizRobo! and provided examples of not only ten companies that are leading users of BizRobo! on an expanded scale but also three partner companies that have created businesses using BizRobo!. There was also the hands-on booth BizRobo! University, where participants could actually experience the high speed processing capable with digital labor.

■Excerpts from President Nobuyuki Osumi’s announcement of the medium-term business strategy and product development roadmap

I would like to once again express my appreciation for everyone’s support and kindness that has made it possible to hold BizRobo! LAND. We introduced BizRobo! in 2008, before the concept of RPA had even been proposed. In 2017, the spotlight fell on the word RPA, leading to the introduction of numerous RPA products into Japan, too. More than three thousand people are here today, and I would like to express my thanks to all of you for making this the largest event in Japan for an RPA manufacturer. RPA Technologies’ business is recording steady growth, and as of 1Q (March–May 2018), the total number of companies that had introduced our products had grown 280% year on year to 370 companies. In 2Q (June–August, 2018), the number of companies that had introduced our products grew an additional 70 to 440. We have grown so much that I feel we have a responsibility as a public instrument.
Through the following five business strategies, RPA Technologies has committed itself to providing even greater value-added services to all those working to achieve a revolution in productivity.
1) More extensively offer the cloud-based RPA BizRobo! DX Cloud with full Japanese language support (released in July 2018). Implement a low-cost, fee-based model and create an environment that is even easier to work in.
2) Expand the area partner system (local area and industry area). Promote the creation of ecosystems by increasing the number of BizRobo! partners and reinforce the support system that extends to all corners of Japan. Around fifty companies attended the first explanatory meeting, which was held in Tokyo, and the plan is to steadily expand the areas that meetings are held to include Osaka, Fukuoka, Hokkaido, and other prefectures.
3) Launch a locally-produced-locally-used robot center. We plan to open locally-produced-locally-used robot centers throughout Japan as a way to deliver digital labor to local communities whose greatest problem is a labor shortage due to the shrinking population and aging society.
4) Make digital labor more sophisticated. Introduce services that not only provide more sophisticated technology but also handle more sophisticated operations by linking RPA and peripheral technologies (for example, document RPA service that links cognition technology to RPA.)
5) Accelerate overseas expansion. Services are now being introduced in China, Korea, and North America.
I promise that RPA Technologies will continue to support the ongoing digital transformation journey that everyone involved in productivity reforms is on. Therefore, we will work to reinforce the development of related services and strengthen the support system. Thank you for listening to my presentation.

* Details of the presentation are expected to be posted on RPA Technologies’ website later.

■About RPA Technologies Inc. (http://rpa-technologies.com/)
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Founded by OPEN ASSOCIATES JAPAN, Inc. (present-day RPA Holdings; TSE Mothers; securities code, 6572), which invests in the new businesses of client companies and provides consulting services, as a wholly-owned subsidiary through a spin off.
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